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About Us

We are W. T. Woodson High School's official Science Olympiad team. Our three teams of 15 competitors attend tournaments around the region, challenging teams of other schools in various science-related events. Being Woodson's most competitive and rewarding extracurricular activity, we encourage all students students to try out - fill out our interest form if you're thinking about joining! To learn about the application process, head over to our Tryouts page.

What is Science Olympiad?

Events: Science Olympiad consists of 23 events that cover various topics ranging from chemistry, earth earth science, electrical engineering, and more. As a former Woodson Scioly president said, it's like a track meet for science nerds!
Preparation: There are different types of events. For study events, you make a binder or a cheat sheet. For builds, you construct a physical machine. For labs or hybrids, you study and prepare for a hands-on examination.
Competition: Schools and universities around the country hold tournaments. We've been to invitationals at the National Cathedral, Princeton, and Yale. The States tournament we attend every year is held at the University of Virginia.

Why Compete

What our Members Say

I love Woodson Scioly almost as much as I love winning medals.
Being part of the program allows me to pursue my passion for science & engineering. Thanks to Science Olympiad, I have had many opportunities to explore my true interests in a way that's really rewarding.
Science Olympiad is a gateway for many opportunities, and it itself is an amazing opportunity.
Woodson Scioly is about much more than studying and taking tests. We ate, traveled, watched the World Cup, and played basketball last season too. I hope future members will enjoy it as much as I did last season.
Mrs. Babcock's room is super nice and cozy, and the back is always overflowing with Scioly materials.
I'm sorry I don't know the ethnicities of corn.